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Some mechanical components


The aim of this article is to give you a quick overview of the various mechanical components you’re likely to come across on robots or 3D printers. This will give you their names, which will help you in your internet searches, as well as their functions.

There are a multitude of mechanical components, each with its own function and functionality, which will be more present in some fields of application than others. I’ve only listed the ones I come across most often.

Carrier ball

Carrier ball (ou caster wheel) peut servir de roue folle pour des robots ou de pallier pour des mécanismes roulant. On choisit une bille porteuse par rapport à sa charge maximale, à sa forme et à sa taille.

Crazy wheel

A ball wheel caster is used to support and move heavy loads. They can be found on carts or mobile workbenches. A ball caster is chosen according to its size and maximum load.

Ball bearing

A ball bearing is used to reduce friction on a rotating movement. Ball bearings are chosen for their dimensions, sealing and service life.

Linear bearing reduces friction in translational motion


The spring is a basic component of mechanics, used to oppose movement. Springs are chosen according to the force to be produced in the event of deformation, or the deformation according to the load undergone and the type of deformation (torsion, compression, extension).

Screw drive

The lead screw transforms rotational motion into translational motion. A lead screw is chosen for the conversion ratio no. of revolutions

Belt and Pulley

Belt and pulley are used to transmit motion and change speed.


Gears generally consist of toothed wheels and are used to modify the speed or direction of a movement. Gearboxes are chosen mainly on the basis of available space and reduction ratio.


Here are a few projects in which I’ve used these components:


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