Robotic kits

Walking robot, drones, mobile platform, etc. Find here our collection of printable and programmable robotic kits.
You can choose the type of robot, the motor you want to use and, thus, adapt the kit to your needs.

For each robotic kit, you can:

  • choose between models optimized for different motor
  • receive the 3D models or the printed parts of the robotic kit
  • program with an adapted microcontroller (Arduino, Raspberry Pi).

Choose the robotic kit and deliverable options according to your objectives and resources. Select a robotic kit optimized with low-cost motor if you want to learn robotics. Select the 3D model of a robot with high power motor if you want to print and develop a robot that need high power functionality.

Our robotic kits are 3D-printed on-demand in our offices. Depending on your location, a delay of one or two weeks may occur between order and delivery of your goods.

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