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The robotic kit Rovy2W is a 3D-printed mobile platform. It can be controlled with different board and can be customized for different DC motors.

Find out more about motor characteristics here.


The robotic kit Rovy2W is the 2-wheeled version of the mobile robot Rovy. It is printed on-demand  and can be customized for different DC motors.

A project quite simple to build on which you can learn programming and to control a DC motor. This robotic kit is customizable which means that you can add layers or sensors to obtain an autonomous robot with the desired functionalities.

Printing characteristics :

The parts of the robot are 3D-printed using ABS with 0.2mm layer


Control :
The robotic kit Rovy2W is compatible with different boards such as Arduino and Raspberry PI. Therefore, it is ideal to learn programming. Depending on the size of the selected model, however, the size of the chassis may not be big enough to attach the board you want to use. To avoid incompatibility, do not hesitate to ask us for advice if you have some doubt.


  • Chassis plate x1
  • Motor holder x2
  • Wheel x2


  • DC motors that you selected x2
  • Microcontroller (Arduino, Raspberry PI or other) x1
  • H-bridge such as SN754410 x1
  • Battery x1



  • Add a Bluetooth module to be able to program a remote controller with a smartphone.
  • You can also combine a servomotor with a distance sensor to create an autonomous robot avoiding obstacles.

If you want to learn how to program this robot, you can check the tutorial learn how to control a DC motor.

Select the motor reference in the list(list of  motor) and the desired color before selecting the deliverable.

If the motor you want to use is not in the list, please contact us. We’ll be happy to adapt the kit to your need.



Additional information

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3D Part(s) (without electonics), STL File




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