Spare parts

You will find here a collection of 3D models of printable spare parts. The parts proposed in our catalog are optimized for different types of componants that you can combine to build your own robot or articulated project.

We offer a set of adapted 3D models that enable the integration of the componant to your project. Different types of spare parts exist:

  • holder to attach your componant in different configurations
  • housing to cover and protect componants
  • robotic kit spare parts such as legs, wheels or articulations.

In addition, the proposed spare parts are available for several components commonly sold on the market. Especially for some sensors, microcontrollers, DC motors and servomotors. Therefore, you can quickly create and build your own robot with the functionnalities that you want.

The 3D model are saved as STL files which mean that they are compatible with most of 3D printers. Choose the part and the component you use and recieve the corresponding STL file.

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