Robotic kit Rovy for DC Motor TTGM


The robot Rovy kit is a rolling platform 3D printer. It can be adapted for different DC motor brands and is compatible with different microcontrollers.
Find the characteristics of motors .. Optimized for DC motor TTGM

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The Rovy robot kit is a mobile robot with 4 wheels. It uses 4 DC motors.

A very simple project to make that allows to learn programming and control of DC motor. This mobile robot is modular, so you can add stages and sensors to get an autonomous robot with the features you want.

The Rovy kit includes:

  • Chassis x2
  • Engine mounts x4
  • Wheels x4
  • TTGM motors x4
  • Microcontroller Arduino UNO x1
  • One Arduino Engine Shield x1
  • Bluetooth Module x1

When you order you can download the assembly and programming guide of the robot as well as the guide to develop the smartphone application under Android to drive the robot.


  • Add a Bluetooth module in order to be able to program a remote control by smartphone.
  • Combine a distance sensor and a servomotor to create an autonomous robot capable of avoiding obstacles.

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