STL file QuadrinaV1


The Robotic kit Quadrina 1 is a quad printed in 3D. It is optimized for the SMS1012 servomotor and is compatible with different microcontrollers.

Find the characteristics of servomotors .

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The Robotic kit is a quad Quadrina Print in 3D, with legs 2 degrees of freedom, it uses 8 actuators. This kit is for different actuators.

With little servomotors Quadrina is an ideal companion for learning programming and actuators.

The robot Quadrina kit is compatible with Arduino and Raspberry PI.


  • Servo x8
  • Microcontroller (Arduino, Raspberry PI or other) x1
  • Servo controller such as Maestro Pololu 8-Channels x1
  • Battery x1


  • Distance sensor to avoid obstacles
  • Bluetooth module for remote control

Choose the engine reference from the list ( servomotor list ).

WARNING: Some parts may be too large to be printed by your machine. Do not hesitate to seek advice .

If you do not find the reference engine you want, contact us . We will be happy to design a robot that fits you.

Print Settings 3D

Print ABS, PLA or PETG
layer thickness: 0.2mm
Filling: 20%

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GS9025MG, HS225MG, HS5495BH, MG90S, MG996R, MS2810MG, S3003, SG90, SMS1012