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The robotic kit Quadrina is a 3D-printed programmable and customizable 4-legged robot.

Find out more about servomotors characteristics here.

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The robtoic kit Quadrina is a quadruped equipped with 2DOF legs. It is 3D-printable and exists for different servomotors.

With a small number of servomotor, Quadrina is an ideal companion to learn programming and servomotor control.

Control :
The robotic kit Quadrina is compatible with different boards such as Arduino and Raspberry PI


  • 4x 2DOF legs
  • 1x chassis plate
  • 8x joints


  • 8x servomotors that you selected
  • microcontroller (Arduino, Raspberry PI or other)
  • servo controller
  • battery


  • Distance sensor for obstacle avoidance

Select the servomotor reference in the list(list of  servomotor).

WARNING: Some parts may be too big for your printer. Ask us for advice.

If the servomotor you want to use is not in the list, please contact us. We’ll be happy to adapt the kit to your need.




Additional information


3D Part(s) (without electonics), STL File


GS9025MG, HS225MG, HS5495BH, MG90S, MG996R, MS2810MG, S3003, SG90, SMS1012


Black, Blue, Green, Red, White

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