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The robot WillySR kit is a rolling platform 3D printer. It can be adapted for different DC motor brands and is compatible with different microcontrollers.
Find the characteristics of motors .

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The robot WillySR kit is a mobile robot with 2 wheels. It uses two DC motors.

A simple project to manufacture that allows to learn programming and motor control DC. The mobile robot is modular, so you can add her story as well as sensors for an autonomous robot with the features you want.

The robot Rovy kit is compatible with various microcontrollers such as Arduino and Raspberry PI. It is perfect for learning programming. However, depending on the model of the selected robot, the size of the platform may not be suitable for securing some microcontrollers. To avoid compatibility issues, please contact us if you have a doubt.


  • Engines you have chosen x4
  • Microcontroller (Arduino, Raspberry PI or other) x1
  • H-Bridge (SN754410  or L293D) x2
  • Battery x1


  • Add back a Bluetooth module in order to program a remote control smartphone
  • Combine a distance sensor and an actuator to create an autonomous robot that can avoid obstacles.

If you want to learn how to program the robot, there are many tutorials on the subject. Notably, learn to control a DC motor .

Choose the engine reference from the list ( list dc motor ) as well as the desired color. Select finally the desired deliverable.

If you do not find the reference engine or the color you want, please contact us . We will be happy to design a robot more suited to what you want.

Print Settings 3D

Print ABS, PLA or PETG
layer thickness: 0.2mm
Filling: 20%

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